We are engaged in ongoing research to visualize the invisible spatial relationships in choreography through movement-based interaction and generative visual media.

In this work, we ask some very basic questions about the nature of the movement, both in terms of how we perceive it and how we feel it in our bodies.

Is movement the same as a lack of stillness and stillness the same as a lack of movement?

Do we ever actually see movement or is it always a reconstruction of stillnesses over time?

Do we see movement or do we feel it?

How are the highly specific movements of the body different from the abstract movements of geometries? Do their differences sharpen or undermine our ability to fully comprehend movement?

Can the expressive qualities of movement be quantified and encoded in moving geometries?


Photo courtesy of the artists.


Photo courtesy of Joe Carotta and The Center for Ballet and The Arts at NYU.

Selected Works

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Can you see me?Can you see me?

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